Registering On-Line for District Conference

February 12, 2007

SIGNING ON and Registering for District Conference 

This is very easy to do…requiring just 2 entries: your UserName and PassWord., and then a couple of clicks with the mouse
Remember,  your e-mail address is usually your UserName

       and your RI Member ID#  is your Password.Hint: Your RI ID# is on your ROTARIAN magazine label, and is a 6-8 digit number on the top left portion of the label.   Also, IF check the “box” to remember your UserName and Password, you will not have to enter it each time.  SO, just click on the link below, to go to your district database 

Then, once you sign-in…3-Easy Steps to Register for District Conference:
 Once you sign in, you will get the “Welcome screen”, with MENU tabs across the top1) Just move your mouse to the “Calendar” tab at the top of the
   screen, and a drop-down menu appears…click on the “Go To RegisterME” entry
2) Then, click on the RegisterNOW link beside the calendar entry for the District Conference..  Then, answer the questions regarding your registration, and click on the [Register NOW for Event] button at bottom LEFT side of  screen. 3) Then, click on the [Submit YOUR Payment On-line] to pay with a credit card.

THAT’s IT!  You will receive 2 e-confirming mails: One from the Conference registration, and one from the on-line credit card payment processor.


How Do Get the RI ID# for New Members (or that were added with “0”)

February 5, 2007

When “adding” a new member to your club, the club secretary can put in a “0” for the RI ID# (unless they already have an RI ID# from being a member of another club), or they get it from the RI database (Member Access portal).

NOTE: Only RI assigns the membership number to new members!  SO, we recommend that you  “add the new members” directly into the RI database (with minimal data: just Name & Address and Admission Date) to get their RI ID# (which is immediately assigned by theRI database).  THEN, you ADD the new member into the DaCdb, using the newly assigned RI ID#.   Just be sure to add ALL the “data” available to you when you put the new member into the District and Club database  (DaCdb), which gets sent back to the RI database to complete their records. 

When you ADD a new member with a “0” RI ID#, we immediately send this information to RI, and then when they process it.  The new member gets their RI ID# assigned in the RI database (but NOT in the DaCdb).  However, the newly assigned RI ID# shows up on ANY reports from RI (such as the CRS and SAR).

So, the Club Secretary must update the new member records in the DaCdb with the newly assigned RI ID#. We have added a “quick link” to the RI Member Access portal log on screen (while Viewing your Club Membership).   So, new members (after 30 days) that still have a “0” RI ID#, will have a “0” link into the RI database; this “0” link is after their Name, and before the Edit link in the member roster. Here are the steps to get the RI ID# from the RI database and then update the Member record in the District and Club database (DaCdb).

1. Click on the “0” link after the Member’s name (this takes you to the RI database).
2. Sign IN – using the UserName and Password at RI database, as required
3. Click ON the [Update Membership Data] (It is the first selection on left side)

4. VIEW the record of the MEMBER you are researching
5. Copy the assigned RI Membership ID (highlight and CTL+C)

6. Then go back to the DaCdb screen,
and EDIT Member who has the “0” RI ID#
7. Paste their RI ID# into the Membership ID field (CTL+V)
8. Click UPDATE button to apply change to database

That’s it

TIP:  Now click ON the [<-BACK] button twice and
go to the NEXT “0” member to edit in district database, and
proceed to step #4 above to get next member record…
(then, VIEW record of that member in the RI database).

ANOTHER option is to get the RI ID# from the printed Semi-Annual Report (SAR) that comes from RI in January and July.  Then use steps 6-9 above to update the member record in the  DaCdb, using the RI ID# assigned.

Also, FAQ #3 for more information on this subject.

Getting EXTRA Copies of P-Mail Messages

September 29, 2006

Why am I (the Sender) “Getting EXTRA Copies of P-Mail Messages” that I send?

This question has come up several times in just the past week, so I decided to answer it in the “blog”.

FIRST, as the SENDER of a Personalized Mail (P-Mail) message, YOU will get a “Blind Courtesy Copy” (BCC), which is automatically sent to your e-mail address.  This means YOU may get 2 copies of your P-Mail message, IF you are also in the TO: distribution list. 

And, the BCC copy is indicated as such, by inserting BCC:  at the beginning of the SUBJECT:  line.  Also, the BCC copy will be addressed to YOU, the SENDER.  This BCC copy is for your records, just in case you are not in the TO distribution list of the e-mail message.

Use RegisterME for your PETS

September 27, 2006

The RegisterME for PETS event should be in your district calendar.So, just log into the DaCdb, move the mouse to CALENDAR, and then click on the GO TO RegisterME entry. 

Then, click ON the RegisterNOW link in the PETS event being displayed in your district calendar. Then, just complete the “registration form” on-line.

That’s it!

ALUMNI Database now part of DaCdb

August 30, 2006

Each District Foundation Alumni Coordinator (DFAC) can request an EXCEL file from RI for their districts’s “alumni”; just send an e-mail request to:  

Then, this data can be used to key-in the data into the DaCdb, -or- it can be used to “import” the data directly into the zAlumni Club (a special “club” for non-Rotarian Alumni) in the DaCdbThere is a one-time charge to import the Excel file, and there are no charges IF you key-in the Alumni data into the DaCdb.  Also, there are no other charges relating to hosting and processing the Alumni Club data in the DaCdb.

And, we have updated the “alumni awareness” in the  DaCdb to automatically connect all Alumni Club members to the  ALUMNI-ALL Members  (ALU) district committee record.  And, then link any Member of a regular Rotary Club, that has the “ALUMNI of Rotary” participation button ON  to the “ALU” district committee.  So, any alumni person Added (or Deleted) in the ALUMNI Club, will be “linked/unlinked” to the “ALU” district committee accordingly.  Likewise, link any Member of a regular Rotary Club,  that has the “ALUMNI of Rotary” participation button ON, to the “ALU” district committee, (or, unlink them IF the button is changed to OFF (after being ON).

Also, we have changed the summary screens for ALUMNI Club and the  “ALU” district committee to display the BUSINESS POSITION field as their “participation” for ALUMNI Club members:  e.g. AS-toFrance-2006  -or–  GSE toTaiwan-2006 NOTE: We do not have a separate field (yet) for Rotarian members participation data…so, will just have to put it in COMMENTS until we can get a separate field.

WHO really updated the Member’s Record?

August 3, 2006

A Club Secretary asks “WHO really updated the Member’s record?”. 

The answer is pretty simple…as the Club Secretary, you automatically get a copy of the RI e-mail notification that is sent whenever ANYBODY makes a change to ANYONE in your club…regardless of WHO actually made the change (the Member, another Club Officer, or a District Officer).

HOWEVER, we also capture the ACTUAL person who made the change.  It shows up as their RI ID# in parentheses (e.g.: 2057792) after the name of the Club Secretary (on the “submitted by” line of the e-mail to RI).

So, if you want to KNOW WHO actually made the change, you can PASTE that RI ID# into the Member FIND function.  Usually I first look to see if the Member ID for the member being updated is the same as the RI ID# in the parentheses (e.g.: 2057792).  In addition, if you view that Member’s record in EDIT mode, then the last line of data at the bottom of the screen (after the Comments), shows the last person, with a Time/Date stamp, that updated this Member’s record.

That’s it!   And, I hope this helps.  Also, there are 2 web sites with all the club secretary functions defined with instructional videos and written “step by step” help guidelines. Go to either:   -or-

Problems “Logging ON” – Session Expired

July 24, 2006

This problem is usually related to “first time users” who are trying to sign on for the first time (or after you have installed one of the programs discussed below).

They enter their UserName (ie: their E-Mail address), and their PassWord (ie: their RI ID#)…both of which are “good” values.  However, when they click the LOGIN button, the system immediately displays a SESSION EXPIRED message.   And, trying again yields the same response.

We have found the “problem” is always in the user’s computer.  And, has to do with a piece of software that “constantly swaps” the user’s IP number (supposedly for “privacy”).  The Names of the offending programs that we have identified so far are: PRIVACY (by McAfee); SURF CONTROL; and ANONYMOUS (a freeware program). 

The only solutions is to remove or disable the offending program in your local system.  These programs prevent us from establishing a “session link” with your computer, that we need to share your access level information across the different functions within the DaCdb session.  And honestly, I do not know why you would need any of these programs, as they are NOT a Firewall (which you do need, if you are on a broadband connection to the Internet).

Capture and Print the “screen image”

July 17, 2006

SUAMMARY: Press [ALT] + [Print Screen] to capture the screen image
                  Press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste the image into your document 

Frequently, you would like to “capture” the image that is currently on your screen (to print IT, or to include IT in an e-mail,  or include IT  in your documentation).  And, you probably have already tried pressing the [Print Screen] key … to no avail. 

Here is HOW you do it…it is a 2-step process.  First, you have to “capture” the screen image.  This is done by pressing the [ALT] key and the [Print Screen] key at the same time.  Ah, but nothing seems to happen, because this action merely “captures” the screen as an image and places it in the “clipboard” area.

To print IT or include the captured screenshot image, you have to “paste” it into a Word document or an e-mail message.  So, the second step is to place the cursor where you want to insert the captured image, and then press the [CTRL] key and the [V] key at the same time…this pastes the image into your document or message.  Then you can print the document or send the message.  That’s IT!

Learn HOW TO SAVE time: Use “Copy & Paste”

July 10, 2006

             Highlight the “data” -or- “URL” to be copied
             (left click, Hold and Drag the mouse over the area to be copied)
             (or Press [Ctrl] + [A] to “highlight” ALL the data within an area.)
                  Press [Ctrl] + [C] to copy the “highlighted data”
                  Press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste the data into the new document 

One of the biggest “time savers” you can use is the “copy & paste” functions.  You can use it to copy Data or E-mail addresses, and eliminate many keying errors.

We have documented (in three custom 1-minute videos) these functions on our web site (under the TIPS and TRICKS tab).  And, here is the direct link to the “copy & paste DATA” instructional video.

 I believe you will find these “tools” most beneficial in ALL areas of your computer usage, so learn HOW TO use “copy & paste” functions to SAVE time and eliminate mistakes. You will be glad you did!

My Screen doesn’t SHOW latest information

July 9, 2006

WHY you need to USE the “ReFresh Your Browser EVERY TIME” option

We frequently get questions that you are having problems viewing the photos for your club members, that you JUST uploaded.  OR, you make a CHANGE to a member’s record, and the VIEW screen shows the same data value (although the “update seemed to work okay”).  The “real” problem you are having is caused by your browser setting  (and your ISP caching methodology). 

Basically, the photo is referred to by its RI#.jpg…Then, after you make a change, and request a “view” to SEE the results, the ISP caching says, “Oh, I already have that file, so it is not necessary to go back to the server for that page/screen.”

So, here are the “steps” for a system using Windows XP with the Internet Explorer brower to change your IE browser settings to REFRESH EVERY TIME, and this resolves the problem you are having. 

Attached is a graphic that shows the “clicks” and screen shots for making this change:   Click on TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, then SETTINGS, and finally click on the EVERY TIME option.

  SEE these “screenshots” to set XP options to EVERY TIME

 For more information on this, see FAQ #33 (under the HELP tab) while in DaCdb.